I Am a Skilled Escort Outcall Proficient in Offering Tantric Massage

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I am an escort outcall proficient in offering tantric massage. Maybe this is the main reason why most of my customers are repeat customers. If you are not familiar with the “tantric massage” term here is a hint. It is a type of massage which uses sexual energy in order to achieve a higher state of consciousness. There aren’t so many outcall escorts in London specialized in doing it. But I was blessed with a specific curiosity for both knowledge and pleasing men. I was also blessed with a soft touch able to make even the most insensitive man tremble. It is extremely helpful for both nervous beginners and experimented men.



After practicing tantric massage for one year I had my 10th client coming. By now I was perfecting my tantric techniques so that Mr. D would be in Heaven after touching him. He was a cute, blonde, tall man in his 40s. He looked like he has seen a lot of pussy in his life. As an escort outcall you can easily tell the boys over men without even touching you. But Mr. D was a man. What surprised me was that it didn’t take long for his cock to get hard. Probably my breathing techniques throughout the massage aroused him big. I enjoyed watching his big, fat cock as it began to fill up. It continued to grow. For sure there are out there escorts outcall experiencing erotic moments with some of the most incredible cocks, but mine was something that make me think about horses. So slowly I opened my mouth, indulging myself in the most passionate and hardcore moment ever experienced as an escort outcall. I took the massive head into my mouth as he was moaning. God, how he fed me his monster cock.

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