I Am a High – Class Prostitute and Men Love My Scent

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I am a high – class prostitute and men love my fanny scent. They are always eager to come back, looking forward to her taste. They say that, in comparison with other London models mine smells specific; a blend between an intoxicating vanilla scent and cherries. They say that it is not true that all women have something unforgettable; that women fall into two categories: those who rule and those who don’t; and those who don’t will always be replaced by those who rule. It’s a twisted philosophy of theirs.


high – class prostitute

They say that my fanny looks like a peach, juicy, young, an open door to erotic perceptions and Ayahuasca trips. They say that I could easily beat the handiest mature escorts with my confidence, beauty and fanny usage. But I say that I am poisonous and sometimes my skin is salty which means that the other night I was obedient.

One day, one of my repeat customers, while he was standing between my spread legs told me that it was no difference between me and a blossoming garden; that I have my own flavours and I am the juiciest women he had ever been with. I am a high – class prostitute enjoying the reputation of an evergreen garden. And this wasn’t the only client to affirm.

My fanny helps me to create a deeper connection with my clients because it emanates a sexual energy but it is not their priority. Their priority is my time that I am pleased to share with them. Some of them are afraid of not being able to satisfy me and some of them are too confident. Anyhow, I truly enjoy the fact that I am a high – class prostitute daily writing a different erotic sex story of pairs of lovers enjoying each other whenever they meet.

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