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A presentation of our London escorts agency


Welcome to London Escort Angelica, the place where you can find some of the most beautiful and accomplished London escorts currently in activity. Ever since our agency was born, we have strived for excellence and continued improvement of our services. Booking with us is safe and brings you a multitude of advantages.


Excellent diversity


If you take a look through our profile galleries, you’ll see that we not only work with some of the most beautiful escorts London has ever seen, but we offer amazing diversity as well. If you’d like to spend your evening with a British female escort in London, we have the perfect girl. If you’d like to broaden your pallet and experience the company of models from other parts of the world, like Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Slovakia, Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia, we can help. We are continuously adding amazing models to our line-up, and we hope to one day work with escorts from every country of the world and bring you the most diversity out of all London escort agencies.

Physically, our models are very different from one another. If you prefer to spend your time in the company of a very busty but natural girl with olive skin, you can find her at our agency, if you’d like to meet an Italian super model with the body of a goddess, we can help you set up a booking with her! We like to think that, at our agency, we have a London escort for every taste.


Perfect quality of services


From the moment we first thought about creating an escort agency, we wanted to create the best escort agency London has ever seen. For some, it may be a daunting task, but for us it’s just another day at the office. Right from the start, we have decide to hire only the best escorts we could find. Thus, the girls in our line-up are not only the most beautiful, but also the most intelligent, witty, funny and caring London escorts you will ever find.

Because we focus more on the experience than on anything else, booking with us will help you find a girl that can provide you not only with the physical closeness and attention you need, but also with emotional and spiritual care. Thus, whether you just want to have a fun evening with the most beautiful escort London has ever seen, or you just need some company to get you through a rough day, with us you can find the perfect model.


An endless realm of possibilities


With our agency, an endless stream of booking types are at your disposal. Would you like a quiet night in? With one of our escorts in London, you can have it at her place, your place or at any hotel that might take your fancy. Would you like to see the best restaurants or bars with an escort in London? You can do that as well and we could even recommend the perfect girl for it! What’s more, our beautiful high class London escorts stand at your disposal should you require their company for office parties, bachelor parties or any other type of event. They offer the perfect girlfriend experience and know just what it takes to satisfy a client’s needs.

You can even book with us if you’d like to stop your friends and family from pestering you to get a girlfriend. All you need to do is settle on a few answers you’ll need to give (she’ll know the most commonly asked questions in these situations) and she’ll be there if you’ll require her services again. This way, you can keep your freedom while also enjoying a wonderful night and keeping your loved ones happy.

Additionally, the escorts in our line-up are among the most free-spirited and open minded girls in the city. Thus, if you will have the right chemistry and you’ll like each other enough to become intimate together, you are in for the experience of a lifetime. As you will see if you check out more of our website, many of our clients wrote to thank the girls for helping them fulfil some of their deepest fantasies. Pleasure doesn’t even begin to describe what one could feel, if the conditions are right.


Additional services


If you cannot decide, our agency can help you find the perfect girl. We know our models very well and, after asking you a few questions, we will be able to suggest the London escorts that will be best suited for what you have in mind. This will help you get the perfect escorting experience, right from the first try.

Furthermore, we’ll not only help you find the perfect escort, but we can also assist you in finding lodgings or making restaurant reservations. If you’re travelling to London, we can help you find the perfect accommodation that you can share with the perfect escort. This service is also available to clients who live in London but don’t have the time to look for the perfect hotel room themselves. Not only that, but we can help you get a table at some of the most exclusivist restaurants in the city. You will be able to dine in the company of one of the most beautiful women in the city, while being surrounded by stars.


These are just some of the services you can receive with London Escort Angelica. Make sure you give us a call if you’d like to learn more about the agency, the services we offer and the models we work with. And always remember that, with us, your satisfaction is always the main goal and we will always do our best to ensure you have a perfect experience. Whether you’re booking for the first time or you are already a London escorts aficionado, London Escort Angelica has what you need!

The difference between elite escorts and regular escorts

There are thousands of escort agencies that advertise themselves as owning some of the best elite escorts. And there are also escort agencies which deliver you the promise that you can have the dream girl for less. Between those, financially speaking, there is a major gap, the latter being less expensive than the first. But, the question is  “are the elite London escorts” – they way the so called high – class escort London agencies promote their services – as high – class as they say they are? Which are the main things that diferentiate the elite escorts from the regular ones?

When searching for high end escorts check out the following, before and after your booking; some things will get clearer face to face.

Information available online

The presentation of a regular escort will be focused on her sexual pleasures and the sexual services she is offering. A high – class escort will be presented in a different manner. She will be portrayed in a sexy manner while her social profile will be professionally created: professional pictures, videos, etc..


While the webiste of a regular escort will list only her height, weight, measurements, the website of a professional escort will list well – written pieces of information about their personality and interests.

Off-limit things

A regular escort will never provide the girfriend experience, which means flirting, foreplay, kissing. Kissing is rarely allowed. A list is posted on her website so pay attention to it. Additional, a high class escort instead will share with you the girfriend experience.

Hours and notice

As opossed to a high class escort, the regular one is avilable any time. She will have several bookings per day. A high class escort preffers a minimum of several hours notice, because she may have other jobs too.

Presentation and clothing

A high – class escort will always be dressed as she is out for a special date. The regular one will show up less well – disposed yet discreet.


While the regular one will try to satisfy her client as quickly and most convenient as possible, the professional one will take her time and play the girlfriend experience.

These are some of the aspects  elite escorts accomplish, so pay attention to what you are asking for. Don’t let you fooled by the so – called elite escorts you will stumble upon.

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Angelic Model Escorts


London Escort Angelica now offers you a wide selection of superb model escorts, glamour model escorts, busty model escorts, fitness model escorts, social model escorts and more. With our agency, you can get to meet some of the most beautiful and most accomplished models who escort in the world. Our booking process is streamlined and simple, to ensure that you spend more time having fun with our top model escorts and less trying to set up a booking and figuring out all the details that this entails.


Why choose models as escorts


Top models make for some of the best escorts in the business. They are extremely beautiful and are used to an active, fun-filled lifestyle that suits the high class escorting profession like a glove. However, our website doesn’t employ just any models as escorts. All our London model escorts are not only beautiful and fun-loving, but also very hard working, intelligent and caring. They know that the client always come first and can thrive in any circumstance.

With the model escorts London and our agency provide, you will finally receive the care and attention you deserve. All our models know that the client always has personal reasons why they have chosen them and, despite their supreme exclusiveness, will always feel honoured to be in your company. They take very few clients each month, so whenever you will be on a booking with one or more of our models, they will be focused entirely on you and your needs, and they will have the energy and disposition to satisfy them.

The best models who escort are intelligent and can thrive in any environment. This is why you can book our top model escorts to any type of event where you might need to bring a date. If you have a red carpet event or gala that you need to attend, you can bring no better date than one of our escort models. She will always be beautiful and perfectly dressed for the occasion. She will always have perfect manners and she’ll never draw any unwanted attention to herself. She’ll always do her best to ensure that you are never bored throughout the duration of your booking and that you are always the centre of attention. And when your obligations are met, or when you get tired of the event, you can withdraw with your chosen model escort at your place, her place or the hotel and spend some quality time with her.

Our model escorts also represent a fine choice if you’re planning an extravagant vacation away from London. If you would like to spend a week, or even more time on a gorgeous exotic island with an even more beautiful model or two, London Escort Angelica can make it happen for you! Our model escorts are used to travelling and love it!

Spending a few days on a tropical island with a super model escort will undoubtedly provide you with an experience you are never going to forget. You’ll finally be able to stop thinking about work and about your daily problems, and you’ll be able to abandon yourself in the care of a superb lady who knows just how to satisfy your needs! And can you think of a better location in which you can let one of our superb escorts show off her super model body?

There are many other types of booking for which one of our elite model escorts would represent the ideal choice. They are great companions if you’re looking to have a fun night out or you just want to get to know her a little better in the privacy of your home, her place or the hotel. And if you choose the latter option, our agency can help book the room for you. Book with us and you won’t have to worry about a single detail. The model and our agency will ensure that you will get the experience you want, and more!

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True high class escorts only with our agency


London Escort Angelica is proud to present a selection of the best TRUE high class escorts in London! Are you tired of going through long and tedious booking processes, only to find out that the escort you booked has absolutely nothing in common with the one who showed up? Are you finally fed up with websites that advertise their collaborators as high class escorts in London, even if they don’t have the necessary qualities? Would you like to stop booking high end escorts for ridiculous amounts of money only to enjoy the services of regular call girls? Then you have come to the right place!

You can do everything with luxury escorts


As representatives of one of the highest forms of escorting in the world, our luxury models are available for a wide variety of events and activities. They can be there for you in almost any circumstances and they can provide you with the company and comfort you sorely need.

Luxury events represent the specialty of this type of escort category. Whether it is a red carpet event, a gala, a masquerade or any other form of high society get-together, you will benefit greatly from having a luxury escort by your side. She will provide you with the complete girlfriend experience and she will be the perfect date for such an event. Educated, intelligent, beautiful and experienced in high society, our models know all the do’s and don’ts of such events. If you’re ever in need of an amazing date for an event, trust in our luxury escorts!


Enjoy the services of real high class escorts


If you find a model on our website and it says in her description that she is a high class escort, then you can book her KNOWING that you will receive high class escorting services. Our agency has worked endlessly for the last couple of years to put together a line-up of TRUE high class escorts that are the perfect companions for all ladies and gentlemen of discerning taste.

We know that you are a very busy person and you have absolutely no time to waste on escorts who falsely advertise themselves as high class. We know that you don’t have 30 minutes, an hour or more to waste trying to reach a high class escort and set up a booking. We know that you want to be done with the booking process in just a few minutes and then rest assured that the girl you booked is the one who shows up and that she is truly one of the few REAL high class escorts London provides. And this is just what we offer!

With London Escort Angelica, you will take advantage of a streamlined and simple booking process which will lead you to the perfect high class escorts in a matter of minutes. It can take a little longer if you choose to take advantage of our match-making services but, in this case, the reward is well worth the investment. Why? Because it will ensure that you will not only meet one of the most beautiful top class escorts in London, but that you will also have great chemistry and many things in common!

Additionally, any booking you make through our agency will be respected to the letter! This means that the high class escorts you book will always show up on time, bar a catastrophic event. And even if a catastrophic event should occur, our agency will contact you in due time and present you with a wide range of replacements. And once your booking begins, you will be able to enjoy TRUE high class escorting services. All our models know how to treat their clients and are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure that their needs are satisfied.

Whether you book one of our high class escorts for just an hour of alone time, a dinner date, an entire night or even a week or more, you can be sure that you will always be the centre of her attention. Throughout the duration of your booking, no matter how long or short it may be, the model you book with us is going to do her best to honour all the details of your booking and to ensure that you are fully satisfied.

She will always be beautiful, fresh, energetic and ready to try new things. If you choose to take advantage of our match-making services, you will have many things in common and, no matter what fun and interactive activities you choose to do together, you will both have an incredible amount of fun. And this is what booking high class escorts is all about. It’s about giving yourself the opportunity to spend time with one of the most beautiful women in the city and doing all the things you’ve been meaning to do. It’s about making your dreams come true and bringing your fantasies to life. The time spent in the company of real high class escorts is pure fun, pleasure and excitement!

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Experience true luxury with our VIP escorts


Spending time with one or more of the VIP escorts our agency provides is more than just about a few moments of fleeting pleasure. The time you spend in their company is so much more than just a date that you will quickly forget once it’s over. The time spent with the London VIP escorts our agency provides is about true luxury. It’s about enjoying the charms, intelligence and sensuality of one of the most beautiful women in the world. It’s about doing all the things you were never able to do with any of your previous partners. It’s about making your dreams and fantasies come true with a person who’ll be there to enjoy every step of your journey together.


Top VIP escorts for all our clients


London Escort Angelica knows that VIP escorts are important. They represent the highest form of companionship money can hire and they are the best alternative to traditional dating. They can help their clients in many wonderful ways and any time spent in their company is sure to create memories that will last for a life time!

Up until now, the pleasure of spending time in the company of a true London VIP escort has been reserved for a select few. Our agency aims to make this a thing of the past and to make the best VIP call girls available for anyone who needs their services. To complete this goal, we have put together a wide selection of elite VIP escorts from around the world. Thus, you can now book London escorts VIP that originate in The United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, France, Belgium, Eastern Europe or Japan. If you browse through our profile galleries, you are bound to find a VIP escort that suits your needs and preferences perfectly. Furthermore, their rates are adjusted to reflect the quality of the services they provide. No longer will you have to pay steep rates to enjoy the finest company in London.


The perfect girlfriend experience


Our VIP London escort agency works only with models that provide the complete girlfriend experience. You can book a VIP escort to any type of event, including corporate parties, private parties, red carpet events or get-togethers with your friends and family and she will make sure that you always look like the perfect couple. She will be so gifted that she will easily make your friends, family and co-workers think that she is indeed your girlfriend and nobody will ever find out that she’s one of the finest VIP escorts London has ever seen. If you choose to book one of our models to such an event, prepare to wow everyone there, as you will undoubtedly have the most beautiful and stylish date in the room. Additionally, if you’re tired of your friends and family trying to set you up on dates and you want them to stop wondering about the reasons why they never see you in a relationship, any of our models can help you! What’s more, if you need to impress a certain client or boss, ask them out on a dinner with their partner and book one of our VIP escorts. She will look like the perfect partner and she’ll help you get that big project or promotion you’re gunning for!

Elite London escorts – fulfilling your every need

Book any model now


The Elite Escort Agency is proud to present the most impressive selection of elite London escorts currently available. For almost 4 years, we have worked to become the best elite escort agency London has to offer. We have recruited top managers and the best elite escorts London offers, to ensure that we offer the best services and the best models for everyone. Right now, our elite London escort agency can boast that it works with some of the most beautiful elite model escorts in all the world. It doesn’t matter what you need your London elite escort for, with our agency you are bound to find a model that will fit your needs specifically.


Endless possibilities with elite London escorts


With our agency, you can find the best elite escort London offers for YOU. It often happens that you find an amazing escort and she has nothing but stellar reviews from her other clients. You decide to give her a shot, but when you finally meet, you realise that you don’t have the right chemistry or that she’s unable to cater to your specific needs. This can happen with some independent escorts and with some agencies, but never with us. Why?

Because we collaborate with the London escorts elite. We can offer you the chance to meet super models who escorts, escorts with the most curvaceous, natural bodies, British female escorts, exotic escorts from Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Japan or Thailand, Incredible elite VIP escorts from Eastern Europe, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium or Portugal and many others. We collaborate with mature escorts, fetish escorts porn star escorts and just about every other category of elite London escort out there.

Booking ideas with London photo models


All our London photo models are available for a very wide range of activities. If you would just like to spend a memorable evening in the company of one of the most beautiful ladies in the country, you have plenty of options. First of all, you get to choose how many escorts accompany you. All our models really love sharing and are extremely open minded.

If you would like to spend a quiet time with the model escort you like the most, you can do so at your place, any hotel you would like or her luxurious location. Booking one of our super models to come to your place would be great if you feel most comfortable at home or if you don’t want to get out of the house, but you can also have loads of fun at the hotel or her place. All our models live in central London, in areas like Mayfair, Knightsbridge or even on Park Lane itself. If you visit one of our models at her place, you’ll enjoy the utmost privacy and a wonderful location to go with your wonderful escort.


The model escorts you deserve


The London Escort Angelica feels blessed to collaborate with the kind of superb premium models escorts London that make up our line-up right now. As one of London’s premier escort agencies, we offer men and women the opportunity to meet and spend time with some of the most beautiful women in the city. The ladies we work with have the experience to ensure that every booking you spend in their company is well and truly unforgettable. Your need for high class companionship can finally be fulfilled!


What are model escorts & models escorts


Model escorts are among the most exclusive ladies of their kind in the world. They are extremely beautiful, very intelligent and schooled in the art of giving companionship and fulfilment. Funny and engaging, models escorts represent the best choice for those who feel lonely, those who feel like they could use somebody who truly understands them or those who are just looking to have a bit of fun with one of the most beautiful women in London.

The London models escorts offers are among the most gorgeous women in the world. A look at our profile galleries will show you that they’re a match for Hollywood’s most gorgeous stars and models. However, this is just one of the qualities all our London model escorts share. All of them have attended university classes and have obtained their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, or are on course to getting it. We value intelligence and education in the girls we collaborate with, because we know you only want to meet the best. You’re looking for someone who can provide perfect companionship at any and all social events that you might need to attend. And the people who can provide all of these things to you are our models escort london. They may not be the cheapest option out there, but you’re not looking for the cheapest. You’re looking for THE BEST model escort.


The best company London offers


All of our VIP escorts in London shine in the situations mentioned above, but they also represent the finest choice possible if you are simply in need of some company and physical closeness. Whether you book one of our top class escorts for an hour or for an entire night, you will surely get what you want from your booking. There’s nobody better than a VIP escort to give you the company you need. While you are together, you’ll get to know each other better, she’ll be genuinely interested in your opinions and she will always be eager to give you all the things you’ve wanted, but could never get.

If you are ready for the experience of a lifetime, contact us now and let us know which of our VIP escorts you would like to book!


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